Clutch bars for sheet pile wall structures

Corners, T-corners, crosses, junctions, weld-ons

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Issue date:

18th. May, 2020

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Tensile and twist out tests

Technical data / disclaimer

SteelWall clutch bars generally comply with the European standards and are manufactured by certified steel processing companies.

All figures are approximate and may vary. Bar twists are possible up to 0.025"/ft (2 mm per meter). Tolerance of steel thickness ±0.04" (±1 mm). Length tolerance up to ±7.9" (±200 mm). Degree details refer to the clutch bar axes. Welding base of LPB and FD clutches can be straight or beveled. We reserve the right to make technical changes. We refer to DIN EN 12063. Please check the sheet pile interlocks with a physical sample section of the desired clutch bar for compatibility.


Issue date: 15th. May 2020.

Copyright by SteelWall ISH GmbH. Clutch bars designed by Richard Heindl.

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